“We are here”

Many of you have probably seen the wooden statue as you walk up Helman Street and turn left to go to the Plaza on   your way to Main Street. In 2006 sculptor Russell Beebe created a wonderful totem pole-like carving in Alder called ” We are here: Memorial to the First People’s of the Rogue Valley” in Honor of the Native Americans that once made their home in Ashland Oregon. The wooden sculpture is suffering from the ravages of the weather and needs to be moved to an indoor location.

In November the sculpture will be copied by the artist in bronze and the original sculpture will be gifted to the Hannon Library at SOU. The new sculpture will last into perpetuity, to honor the Shasta and Takelmas Native Americans who lived in and around Ashland for some 15,000 years  before the Europeans first came here.

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