A Streetcar Named Desire at OSF in Ashland

The play takes place just after the 2nd world war, in the opening scene you are introduced to Blanche Dubois as she arrives to stay with her younger sister Stella and her brash and vulgar husband Stanley Kowalski.

Stanley and Stella live in a tenement in a working class neighborhood of New Orleans. This does not suit Blanches refined southern sensibilities, her high handed dismissal of Stanley causes friction from the moment she arrives on their doorstep.

Slowly we learn as the play progresses why Blanche has left  “Belle Reve”  her large plantation home in Mississippi, to stay with her beloved pregnant sister Stella.

Like many of us we have seen the movie with Marlon Brando, but this production is stronger and more insightful: you see the shadowy depths of violence and intimacy, also the brutality and fragility of life in a New Orleans tenement.

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