Take a Trip to Crater Lake with Main Street Tours

crater lakeIn Ashland Oregon,  Main Street Tours offers professionally guided trips to breath taking Crater Lake National Park, one of the most beautifully pristine natural wonders of the world and well worth taking a day out on your visit to Ashland to visit the intensly blue caldera.

Crater lake was once a 12,000 ft.  mountain known as Mount Mazama. About 7,000 years ago Mt. Mazama erupted and formed the caldara we see today and changed the landscape in the area forever.

Did you know…. Crater Lake is nearly 2,000 ft. deep and 5 miles across.   You will learn much more about Crater Lake and the 18,000 acre  National Park on your day out.

For more information and to buy tickets.. Call 541-482-9852

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