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"Unison" at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival Ashland Oregon

The world premier musical written by Steven Sapp, Mildred Ruiz-Sapp and William Ruiz is now playing in the Bowmer Theatre at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival until October 28th 2017. This original play was inspired by the poems and memoirs of beloved poet and play write August Wilson, it is provoking and exciting and absolutely enthralling.

The Plot:
The poet dies, his apprentice inherits all that he owns. Among these possessions is a large chest, the poet charges the apprentice to destroy all of it's contents, but she is curious and opens the chest. With this act unleashing the "Seven Terrors" these "Terrors" are the people and events that have tormented the poet throughout his life. The poet has to wrestle his demons before he can go into the after life. One by one these "Terrors" tell their story.
The seamstress, the tormented butcher, the aging boxer, the black smith, the hunter, the soldier and "Mama".
The play is absolutely riveting, each shocking story is told with such passion and poignancy by each actor. It is truly mesmerizing.
It is a high energy original masterpiece filled with glorious poetry, memorable foot tapping music and innovative dance.
We came away from the Theatre with the feeling that we had experienced something extremely unique and highly creative. The play challenges you to open your mind to something wholly original and you'll be glad you did!

Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies

These scrumptious cookies always disappear quickly every time I make them for tea Blue Moon Bed and Breakfast in Ashland Oregon. I hope you enjoy them!


Oregon Shakespeare Festival : Mojada Medea in Los Angeles

Mojada is a modern day story of Medea, her "husband" Jason and their son Acan (played by a fabulous local boy Jahnangel Jimenez). The family together with their longtime housekeeper Tita (Vivis) endure a horrific and harrowing journey from Mexico to reach Los Angeles, seeking a better life. Jason is very ambitious and after a period of working as a day laborer Jason finds a job with a wealthy local builder Armida ( Vilma Silva) herself an immigrant who has done well in the poor neighborhood of Boyle Heights. He spends more and more time away from home working while Medea struggles as a seamstress doing piece work. Sabina Zuniga Varela is mesmerizing as Medea who finds the transition to American life difficult. Jason ( played by Lakin Valdez) tries hard to comfort his wife but is driven to be successful in this new land.

Director Juliette Carillo does a marvelous job of creating the real tension between Medea and Jason. Play-write Luis Alfaro's masterful and thought provoking adaption of the Greek story of Medea tugs at your heartstrings as Medea becomes more and more desperate and Jason betrays her in the most awful way. Medea makes her final devastating and heart braking decision, in the horrific climax of the play.

Where are they now? Oregon Shakespeare Festival: Ashland Oregon

We at the blue Moon have been wondering where some of our favorite actors from the Oregon Shakespeare Festival were this year, we missed their names on the billboard.

Mark Bedard and John Tufts who you we are sure you remember them appearing together in "Cocoanuts" and "Animal Crackers" they are now playing in "Pride and Prejudice" at the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival in New York until September.
One of our favorite actors Michael Winters whom we loved in "All the Way" and" King Lear" has been appearing at the Taproot Theatre in Seattle. We miss them all and hope to see them in Ashland again very soon.

Saturday Night Strut at Oregon Cabaret Theatre

A couple of weeks ago Jean-Pierre and I had an evening out at the Oregon Cabaret Theatre that is celebrating 32 years producing wonderful musicals here in Ashland Oregon. We took a trip down memory lane with "All Night Strut".

It's a fast paced musical, full of the Jazz Swing and American standards from the 30s and 40s that I think we all know and love. This classy sassy musical is in two acts, which is great because during the intermission you can indulge in a variety of mouth watering desserts. The musical revue weaves together legendary music of Hoagy Carmichael, Duke Ellington and wonderful Gershwin songs among many others. We were wowed by the four stellar performers who sang and danced throughout the evening with such energetic enthusiasm.
Lucus Blair, Natasha Harris, Anastasia Talley and Keeno Hooks obviously enjoyed bringing these wonderful songs of yesteryear to the Cabaret audience
This musical is only one show in the packed schedule of fantastic shows that the Oregon Cabaret puts on every year. Coming up next is 'The Drowsy Chaperone' playing from July 6th until September 23rd 2017. This production is a hilarious and witty fast paced musical set in the 1920's. With gangsters, lovers, and of course a drowsy chaperone. We can't wait to see it. See you there!
For tickets go to the box office at the

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