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Oregon Shakespeare Festival presents " Off The Rails"

Off the Rails is a world premier production written by playwright Randy Reinholz and brilliantly directed by Bill Rauch.

The play takes much of it's story and even some dialogue from Shakespeare's Measure for Measure, the play is an interesting concept and a creative way of using a Shakespeare play and his words to tell this story of how native Americans were so cruelly treated. Native children were taken force-ably from their parents and sent to terrible "boarding schools" who indoctrinated the children with a Christian white education, the goal was to annihilate their culture and native traditions and customs. Many of these children never saw their families again and some died of mistreatment, starvation and disease.
The play takes place in Genoa Nebraska at the Industrial School in the late 1880's, the story follows Madam Overload, (Lakota businesswoman and brothel owner) and the men and woman who work at her brothel, the Mayor General Gatt and superintendent Captain Angelo who keeps law and order at the school in a ruthless way. And a beautiful Pawnee teacher Isabel who comes to town to save her brother.
There are many stellar performances especially Sheila Tousey as Madam Overload, General Gatt played byDavid Kelly and native Pawnee teacher in training Isabel, played by Lily Gladstone.
This is an intense play about how indigenous people suffered at the hands of the American Government. It is a haunting heartbreaking story of courage, survival and resistance. Thank goodness there are light and funny moments during the play also some wonderful songs and native dancing, all in all this is a sad but also uplifting tale that will bring a smile to your face and a tear to your eye!

For Tickets: osfashland.org

Live Escape Game in Ashland Oregon

Escape Ashland!

You might think as I did that you know everything about Ashland Oregon, but as I found out there are hidden gems and new unique experiences to enjoy here in our small mountain town.
One of these new experiences may not be for everyone, It's called "Escape Ashland."
Escape Ashland is Southern Oregon's unique escape room game located in our historic downtown, just two blocks from the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Escape games are live-action entertainment that involve observation, problem solving and teamwork to solve puzzles and challenges to "escape" from the room. Part scavenger hunt, part puzzle solving-total exhilaration! Has this peaked your interest? For more go to esacapeashland.com

Summer Fun!

Summer time "Sizzled" in with hot temperatures in the high 90% this week. To escape the blistering heat the Blue Moon is always wonderfully cool and comfortable, a lovely respite from the heat!

Another way to keep cool in the hot weather is to go rafting on the beautiful Rogue River. There are several outfits in Ashland Oregon, Noah's Rafting and Fishing Outfitters and Indigo Creek Outfitters both are offering scenic floats for all ages, if you want more excitement go white water rafting along the Rogue River or the Upper Klamath River . Trips can last the whole day or half a day or if you are really adventurous you can take a multi day trip and eat dinner under the stars and sleep soundly in a cabin, lodge or tents along the way.

If fishing is your preference there are many fabulous fishing opportunities for one day trips and also 3 or 4 day wilderness trips. Bring home Steelhead Salmon, Trout or Bass. Now you can always put the fish back into the river for other anglers to catch if you prefer.

There is so much to do and see in the Rogue Valley. We will be your consiege at the Blue Moon B&B, to help you find the right adventure for you!

Oregon Shakespeare Festival presents The Odyssey

The Oregon Shakespeare Festival presents a new adaptation of Homer's The Odyssey and it's truly spellbinding. Director Mary Zimmerman brings the ancient story to life on the Allen Elizabeth outdoor stage with wisdom, beauty and humor. There are exceptional performances by all of the cast members, especially Chistopher Donahue as Odysseus,Christiana Clark as the goddess Athena and Danforth Comins as Antinous and Poseidon.

The audience is completely memorized by the adventures of the hero Odysseus who is lost at sea and does not return home to Ithaca after fighting in the decade long Trojan war. His wife Penelope and son Telemachus wait for him to return fearing he is lost forever. While he is gone Penelope is plagued by a pack of suitors. She promises to marry one of them Lord Antinous as soon as she completes a shroud, each night she unpicks the shroud that she has woven that day so she can keep putting him off. Penelope never looses faith that her husband will eventually return and rescue her from her torment.

For seven long years Odysseus is trapped on a remote island by Calypso,who offers him love and immortality but he yearns to return home to Ithaca.

Odysseus builds a boat and finally escapes from Calypso.
He then begins his fantastical journey home. On his epic venture he sails from island to island through stormy turbulent seas. On his way he encounters monsters and gods, one of whom an angry Poseidon, tries to thwart his efforts to return home. Odysseus is clever and tenacious and after a long and arduous journey he finally returns to Ithaca only to find that he has more problems to solve.
The Odyssey is an enthralling tale of courage and love and the struggle to survive against all odds.

New Restaurants in Ashland Oregon

There are a few new restaurants in Ashland Oregon that you may like to try next time you are in our lovely mountain town!

On the plaza. They are a new tapas restaurant with a delightful menu of small plates and tasty bites with an extensive wine selection. They are serving lunch and dinner every day except Mondays.
Hiro Ramen
On 1st Street, This is a great place for Ramen and Rice bowls, also appetisers and Kimbop!
Give this one a try!
Opened recently on Main Street opposite the Varsity Theatre. They serve modern Mexican cuisine, from fish to beef and vegetarian too. Also wonderful ceviche and Mexican brownies. Plus the largest variety of tequila you will find anywhere!
Last but not least Lorella is not technically a new restaurant, it used to be called Scarpetta
but changed it's name at the beginning of the year. They serve fresh organic local farm to table ingredients in new and inventive ways.

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312 Helman Street
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(541) 482-9228
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