Take a Trip to Crater Lake with Main Street Tours

crater lakeIn Ashland Oregon,  Main Street Tours offers professionally guided trips to breath taking Crater Lake National Park, one of the most beautifully pristine natural wonders of the world and well worth taking a day out on your visit to Ashland to visit the intensly blue caldera.

Crater lake was once a 12,000 ft.  mountain known as Mount Mazama. About 7,000 years ago Mt. Mazama erupted and formed the caldara we see today and changed the landscape in the area forever.

Did you know…. Crater Lake is nearly 2,000 ft. deep and 5 miles across.   You will learn much more about Crater Lake and the 18,000 acre  National Park on your day out.

For more information and to buy tickets.. Call 541-482-9852

The Heart of Robin Hood at the OSF in Ashland

robin hood

                     A new play by David Farr

 This is a delightful retelling of the classic story of Robin Hood; it is full of slapstick humor, swashbuckling and bawdy jokes.   Robin Hood is played by an athletic John Tufts.

But all is not well in Nottingham, the dastardly evil Prince John has come to double the taxes on the poor and marry a reluctant Marion.

To get away from Prince John the determined and impetuous Marion played by Kate Hurster accompanied by her trusty jester protector Pierre, decides to dress as a boy and call herself Martin  of Sherwood and join the bandit Robin Hood and his merry men.

What follows is a funny and fast paced romp of good against evil, and of course in all fairy tales good eventually wins.

Get thee to the OSF’s box office to capture your tickets.

A Streetcar Named Desire at OSF in Ashland

The play takes place just after the 2nd world war, in the opening scene you are introduced to Blanche Dubois as she arrives to stay with her younger sister Stella and her brash and vulgar husband Stanley Kowalski.

Stanley and Stella live in a tenement in a working class neighborhood of New Orleans. This does not suit Blanches refined southern sensibilities, her high handed dismissal of Stanley causes friction from the moment she arrives on their doorstep.

Slowly we learn as the play progresses why Blanche has left  “Belle Reve”  her large plantation home in Mississippi, to stay with her beloved pregnant sister Stella.

Like many of us we have seen the movie with Marlon Brando, but this production is stronger and more insightful: you see the shadowy depths of violence and intimacy, also the brutality and fragility of life in a New Orleans tenement.

Theatre Convivio in Ashland Oregon

Ashland has a new theatre company Theatre Convivio, the company is proud to present their convivio theatrefirst production “The Fantastics.”  with music by Harvey Schmidt and lyrics by Tom Jones.

The play will run Thursdays through Sundays at 8p.m.  until August 18th.2013. Convivio Artistic Director Richard Heller  says “ The new company plans to present works by many playwrights including Neil Simon and Arthur Miller.”

The company which was formed earlier this year are calling Bellview  Grange home, it is located at 1050 Tolman Creek Road in Ashland. They are happy to be using ” a jewel-like space” for the first of many productions.

If you plan to go… tickets can be purchased at the Music Coop in Ashland or online at  theatreconvivo.com. or call 541-708-1817





ScienceWorks a hands on Museum for all ages

science worksWhether you come to Ashland with your children or grandchildren.

Plan one of your days in visiting Ashland to include a trip to Science Works located on East Main Street.

A hands on museum,  we and our grandchildren were fascinated with all of the different interactive exhibits to explore.  We had planned to spend only an hour because the children were aged 4 and 2.  We ended up sending nearly 3 hours, they would have spent even more time,  but we adults were hungry and wanted to eat lunch.

It is an inspiring place full of creative fun through interactive science, my grandchildren left full of wonder and wanted to go back for more.

To find out more about ScienceWorks go to  http://www.scienceworksmuseum.org/index.asp

Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s ” Green Show “

Ashland_danceworks-160x130Where can you see a great show 6 nights a week?

The Oregon Shakespeare Festival presents it’s 2013 Green Show.

This is a  fabulous Free Show starting at 6:45 p.m. before the evening theater performances, every night except Monday’s and lasts for about  35 minutes. The show is fun for the whole family,  and will run through October 13th.

Some of the offerings this July, August and September will include…..

Ashland Dance Works…. an elite group of local dancers ages 10 to18

Bathtub Gin Serendes… playing Jazz and Blues form the 1920′s and 30′s

Dance Kalieidascope….. a contemporary dance group

Deathrow Tull …. a funk rock band

Heiwa Taiko…. a unique hip and energitic group of grandmother drummers the oldest player is 87 years old.

For more information and complete schedule go to http://www.osfashland.org/artist-biographies/green-show/ashland-danceworks.aspx


Summer at the Blue Moon Bed and Breakfast


Everything in the Blue Moon garden is blooming, including a Yucca cactus

It is located atYUCCA the entrance to our parking lot.
I have read that after it blooms it may die
back, if you know about these plants give us some advice about what to do.

We have just planted a raised bed kitchen garden on the south side of the Cottage.
There are tomato plants and herbs to use in our breakfasts ( they are organic, no
pesticides here )We also have sown some lettuce and radish seeds, if the deer
don’t get them first we hope to serve greens on our breakfast plates

How did the Oregon Shakespeare Festival begin

Did you now……

ashlandThe Rogue Valley is full of things that would not be here without that lone person who had an idea and ran with it. A good example is the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. It took many people to create one of the nations largest and most prestigious regional theaters.

But without  English teacher Angus Bowmer born in 1904 in Bellingham Washington, OSF would not be what it is today. In 1931 he came to live in Ashland and to teach at the Southern Oregon Normal School now known as SOU. He persuaded the town to revive the July 4th celebrations with an important addition: a Shakespeare Festival.

The remains of an old Chautaugua building in Lithia Park gave Bowmer the idea of staging Shakespeare plays in an outdoor Elizabethan stage. His students helped him construct the stage, and local actors performed plays. Bowmer remained active in the theatre until his death in 1979.

And the rest is history

First Friday Art walk in Ashland Oregon

Ashland’s First Friday Art Walk

art walkThe first Friday of every month the members of the Ashland gallery Association invite everyone to take a leisurely stroll through the downtown galleries to see new exhibits, meet the artists, hear live music and enjoy some delicious refreshments. The monthly walk is from 5pm to 8pm. Art walk maps are available at the Blue Moon. The next Art Walk will be on June 7th. 2013.  Come and enjoy a night on the town!

Summer Fun, ZipLining above the trees.

ziplineDuring your stay at the Blue Moon Bed and Breakfast, on one of those days when you don’t have an afternoon play to go to, why not consider a half day trip ZipLining with Rogue Valley ZipLine Adventures which has the longest zip line in the Pacific Northwest. Perhaps you might like to spend the whole day out with their  Zip, Dip and Sip Tour,  the day will start with ZipLining and then a Rogue River Rafting Trip followed by lunch and end the day with Wine Tasting at a local winery.  What could be nicer!

Just a short ride from Ashland, Rogue Valley ZipLine Adventure is located in the hills of beautiful Southern Oregon.  The Company provides Guided Zip Line Tours on a progressive 5 zip line Course. You can get a glimpse of the locally famous Braden Gold Mine and many other spectacular views  as you zip along. Including , Crater Lake Rim, Mt. Mcloughlin and Table Rocks.