Blue Moon welcomes you to a new season

IMG_0149Jean-Pierre and Julie are happy to announce that our 2014 season is underway, this past  weekend we welcomed our first guests.

We are particularly pleased to welcome you to the best bed and breakfast experience in Ashland, we look forward to greeting both our returning guests and new faces. We are very excited at the prospect of meeting all of you at The Blue Moon Bed and Breakfast.

Everything is ready and ship shape, waiting for your arrival.




Festival of Lights in Ashland

 Santa and Mrs Claus lit up Ashland in the evening of November 29th.     It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas, with snow on the hills surrounding Ashland.   There will be lots of Holiday Fairs, parties,music and local artists exhibitions. Come and see Ashland in the winter…

festival of lights

Butte Creek Mill well worth the trip

butte creek millButte Creek Mill is an historic site located in Eagle Point Oregon. It’s a living treasure and is the only remaining water powered mill grinding flour in Oregon.

The giant mill stones were quarried in France and installed into the mill over 130 years ago, they have been grinding grain into flour ever since.

In the general store there is an amazing variety of flours and cereals ground at the mill for sale and lots of other goodies too.

The mill was purchased in 2005 by Debbie and Bob Russell. Bob is a history buff and avid antique collector, next door to the mill you will find Bob’s pride and joy a wonderful antique store filled with collectables and memorablilia. If you are lucky and Bob is around, he will give you a personally guided tour,  he has a wealth of information about the mill’s history and the surrounding area. If you do see Bob tell him that Julie and Jean-Pierre from the Blue Moon sent you over, we love to go to the mill to collect the whole wheat flour that we use to make our bread served at breakfast at the Inn.

Enjoy your visit


The Tenth Muse a new play at Oregon Shakespeare Festival

tenth museOSF commissioned the play by the rising Mexican playwrite Tanya Saracho.

The action starts with three young women arriving at the convent of San Jeronimo in Mexico on the same day.They are shown to a basement storeroom by the nuns where they will stay.The girls explore the storeroom and soon come upon a locked cupboard containing a treasure trove of writings, there are many plays and poems, unfortunately Jesusa is only one of the girls who can read, she reads the plays and poems to the other two girls, Tomasita a (shy Nuhua Indian) and Manuela a (noble woman who is pregnant and sent to the convent by her family). Under the direction of Jesua the girls act out the plays and delight in the poems.

They learn that these are the writings of a famous intellectual nun that died 20 years before in the convent, her writings were banned by the church.

It will all end badly when the Mother Superior finds out what they are doing. In a time when women could not voice their opinions or have the right to be educated.  These three young women fight for their rights from the church and society.

Blue Moon Bed and Breakfast hosts film company

bruce cambellExciting news at the Blue Moon,  a famous actor was interviewed at our B&B.   Actor Bruce Cambell best known for the movie series  Evil Dead played the iconic role of Ash Williams in the films.  More recently he stared as Sam Axe in the USA network series Burn Notice.

The interview at the Blue Moon took place last week in the Cottage at our B&B here in Ashland.

A film crew of three from the company Exibit A Pictures LLC used our cottage for the interview which lasted all day. It was very interesting to see them set up everything from lighting to staging the cottage. The interview will be aired on EPIX in March 2014 and could be seen at a film festival earlier.

Bruce Campbell has been acting, producing and directing movies since 1977. He was born in Royal Oak MI in 1958 and currently lives with his wife Ida Gearon in Jacksonville OR.

To read more about Bruce go to


The Liquid Plain at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival

          A world premiere play by Naomi Wallace at the Thomas Theatre.

The story begins with Adjua and Dembi, two runaway slaves eking out a living on the docks in Bristol  Rhode Island in the late 18th century. The pair pull a dead body out of the water and proceed to rob him of everything he has, including his clothes.

The mysterious man is not dead, when he revives he has no idea who he is, but when he slowly starts remembering,  Adjua and Dembi realize that he is part of there past and also will be part of there future.

As the play moves on we find out more about Adjua and Dembi and why they are waiting for a privateer to provide them with passage back to Africa.

The Liquid Plain does not give the audience any real closure, there are many unanswered questions.

The play is a horrifically vivid history lesson of the New England slave trade with all it’s brutality and desperate characters.

Take a Trip to Crater Lake with Main Street Tours

crater lakeIn Ashland Oregon,  Main Street Tours offers professionally guided trips to breath taking Crater Lake National Park, one of the most beautifully pristine natural wonders of the world and well worth taking a day out on your visit to Ashland to visit the intensly blue caldera.

Crater lake was once a 12,000 ft.  mountain known as Mount Mazama. About 7,000 years ago Mt. Mazama erupted and formed the caldara we see today and changed the landscape in the area forever.

Did you know…. Crater Lake is nearly 2,000 ft. deep and 5 miles across.   You will learn much more about Crater Lake and the 18,000 acre  National Park on your day out.

For more information and to buy tickets.. Call 541-482-9852

The Heart of Robin Hood at the OSF in Ashland

robin hood

                     A new play by David Farr

 This is a delightful retelling of the classic story of Robin Hood; it is full of slapstick humor, swashbuckling and bawdy jokes.   Robin Hood is played by an athletic John Tufts.

But all is not well in Nottingham, the dastardly evil Prince John has come to double the taxes on the poor and marry a reluctant Marion.

To get away from Prince John the determined and impetuous Marion played by Kate Hurster accompanied by her trusty jester protector Pierre, decides to dress as a boy and call herself Martin  of Sherwood and join the bandit Robin Hood and his merry men.

What follows is a funny and fast paced romp of good against evil, and of course in all fairy tales good eventually wins.

Get thee to the OSF’s box office to capture your tickets.

A Streetcar Named Desire at OSF in Ashland

The play takes place just after the 2nd world war, in the opening scene you are introduced to Blanche Dubois as she arrives to stay with her younger sister Stella and her brash and vulgar husband Stanley Kowalski.

Stanley and Stella live in a tenement in a working class neighborhood of New Orleans. This does not suit Blanches refined southern sensibilities, her high handed dismissal of Stanley causes friction from the moment she arrives on their doorstep.

Slowly we learn as the play progresses why Blanche has left  “Belle Reve”  her large plantation home in Mississippi, to stay with her beloved pregnant sister Stella.

Like many of us we have seen the movie with Marlon Brando, but this production is stronger and more insightful: you see the shadowy depths of violence and intimacy, also the brutality and fragility of life in a New Orleans tenement.

Theatre Convivio in Ashland Oregon

Ashland has a new theatre company Theatre Convivio, the company is proud to present their convivio theatrefirst production “The Fantastics.”  with music by Harvey Schmidt and lyrics by Tom Jones.

The play will run Thursdays through Sundays at 8p.m.  until August 18th.2013. Convivio Artistic Director Richard Heller  says “ The new company plans to present works by many playwrights including Neil Simon and Arthur Miller.”

The company which was formed earlier this year are calling Bellview  Grange home, it is located at 1050 Tolman Creek Road in Ashland. They are happy to be using ” a jewel-like space” for the first of many productions.

If you plan to go… tickets can be purchased at the Music Coop in Ashland or online at or call 541-708-1817