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Oregon Shakespeare Festival

September 30th, 2016 by Julie

 A Winters Tale
The Oregon Shakespeare Festival is always spectacular, the plays this season will not disappoint. Summer is always a spectacular, the weather is wonderfully warm, with sunny mornings we are serving breakfast outside, it’s just heavenly.
 All of the Theatres are in full swing.
The Wizz have all opened in the
Allen Elizabethan Theatre to rave reviews.
Richard 11 opened in the
Thomas Theatre  I saw Richard 11 on recently. It was brilliant! especially Richard played by Chistopher Liam Moore who is oh so delightfully despicable.
 Scarpetta Restaurant in Ashlandscarpetta1
Did you know... there is a new restaurant in town, Scarpetta opened recently on Main Street, featuring locally grown seasonal foods. Petra Jung and Tony Travanty who are native Wisconsin have made their home in Ashland. “The Rogue Valley provides an array of locally produced ingredients.” says Tony. The  cuisine at Scarpetta is mostly French and Italian, it is creative and authentically Southern Oregon. Try it next time you are in Ashland.

Oregon Shakespeare Festival Ashland presents Hamlet

September 3rd, 2016 by Julie

hamlet 2016
Oregon Shakespeare Festival presents a new version of Hamlet. This production of Hamlet tells the familiar story of loss and revenge but with a new eye. Director Lisa Peterson has created an engaging and memorable Hamlet.
Danforth Comins gives a stellar performance as Hamlet the Prince of Denmark. A young man who is grieving for death of his father the King of Denmark.
Very soon after the Kings death Hamlet’s uncle Claudius ( Michael Elich ) quickly marries Hamlets mother Gertrude ( Robin Goodrin Nordili) the kings widow. Hamlet wonders why his mother would marry again so quickly and why would his mother marry his Uncle?
Hamlet is visited by the ghost of the dead king who tells him that his uncle Claudius is responsible for his untimely death.
Hamlet is full of vengeance and plots revenge for the kings death.  Still haunted by the ghosts, either real or imagined Hamlet enters into a disturbed nightmare and spins off the rails into insanity.
The special effects are very well done, the multiple ghosts who haunt Hamlet are thrilling and genuinely scary.
Throughout the play guitarist Scott Kelly plays dark and foreboding Doom Metal music. The music doesn’t detract from the play it actually enhances the dysfunctional and tragic story. The music floats over the scenes with incredible mystical sound.  It really works well.
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“Into the Woods” is playing in the Allen Elizabethan Theatre in Ashland Oregon until October 11th.

August 20th, 2014 by Julie

into-the-woodsInto the Woods” is playing in the Allen Elizabethan Theatre in Ashland Oregon until October 11th

The Elizabethan stage is the perfect venue for “Into the Woods” a play written by James Lupine with mesmerizing music by Stephen Sondheim. The musical was inspired by Grimms Fairy Tales stories… Cinderella,  Little Red Riding Hood,  Jack and the Beanstalk,  Rapunzel and others.

On stage is a full 25 piece orchestra, you may recognize Matt Castle playing the grand piano, he also played the piano on stage in last years “My Fair Lady”. He was very much part of My Fair Lady and he is also quite a presence in Into the Woods playing Sondheim’s delightful music.

The two Prince Charming’s played by John Tufts and Jeremy Peter Johnson are hilarious, they  also sing some really wonderful lusty songs.   Another stand out is the riveting Miriam A. Laube who plays the humorously menacing witch, she is a fantastic combination of good and evil!

‘Into the Woods’ is beautiful to look at, the OSF multi talented acting company breath new life into the fairy tales we all grew up with. Of course all good fairy tales start with the words… Once upon a time… then the story begins.

What follows is a gorgeously rich Broadway worthy musical spectacular with a unique Oregon Shakespeare Festival flair.

Does it all end Happily Ever After..   You will have to go and see for yourself..

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